Friday, August 20, 2010

Christian Recovery for Co-Dependents

Since serving in a Christian recovery program in Medford, Oregon, I have discovered that addicts get all the attention, when their loved ones are often just as desperate for help. Christians in addiction meet with their pastors, they get treatment in both secular and Christian programs and are presented with many opportunities for individual and group counseling.

Christians in addiction usually have teams of people working with them on their sobriety and recovery programs. Meanwhile, the spouses and significant others of addicts do what they do best: They pray and ask others to join with them in crying out to God on behalf of their loved ones; They focus intently on the addict’s recovery, anticipating their needs and putting aside their own. In most cases, co-dependents work harder on recovery than Christians in addiction.

The Solid Rock Road not only provides a system of recovery for addicts, but works with the co-dependent to surrender, to forgive and move forward in their own walk with God. The Solid Rock Road ministry offers counseling and strategies for those whose co-dependency has clouded their judgment over an extended period of time, and whose own addiction has been to rescue the addict in their lives.

Christian counseling for co-dependents is offered by Sherry Colby, CADC1, a certified alcohol and drug counselor. The strategy portion of the Solid Rock Road’s ministry is done by Jamee Rae Pineda, who works with women to create boundaries and bottom lines with the addicts. Sherry and Jamee are the authors of a recovery book titled Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery.

When men are co-dependent, Pastor Jerry Pineda counsels and works with them to understand their role in enabling the addict. Jerry is the director and a lead facilitator of The Solid Rock Road recovery ministry.

To find out more about The Solid Rock Road recovery program in Medford, Oregon, visit or follow us on Twitter at or on Facebook. You can also call The Solid Rock Road Christian counseling team at 541-778-8680.

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