Saturday, November 2, 2013

Christian Recovery: What is The Solid Rock Road?

It’s evident that the problem of addictions is getting worse. And while the statistics are staggering, these numbers represent real people in the real world whose lives are devastated by the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. Therefore, it’s time for the church to have a Biblical response to this global epidemic. But what do pastors and leaders do in times like these? How can Christians reach out into our communities to help the addicted and their loved ones, and at the same time, provide Christians who struggle with addictions an opportunity for transparency leading to complete freedom?

The secular community is responding to this addiction crisis with new treatment centers and programs, along with more robust promotions of AA and NA. These systems are necessary for those with diverse spiritual beliefs. However, the Christian community can offer people the power of God that truly transforms lives. This is what The Solid Rock Road is all about – Bringing God back into the recovery process; reminding Christians that God is more than enough!

It is our belief that Christians were not meant to merely cope with their addictions, strongholds or wounds, but to enjoy complete freedom for a lifetime. The Solid Rock Road recovery ministry takes people on an experiential journey of the heart in which they empty themselves of incorrect thoughts, bad behaviors and painful past experiences. They are then armed with everything necessary to fight and win the battle for their own souls, and be restored to their destiny in God­­­.

Through the ministry, former addicts are encouraged to assimilate into the Body of Christ rather than separate and congregate as the “recovery people.”

Jerry and Jamee Pineda are the directors of The Solid Rock Road. They are both former addicts with theology degrees and have recently planted a church in La Paz, Mexico. They founded this Christian recovery ministry in 2002 and completed the book based on their 10 principles in 2010 titled “Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery.”

In 2012, they produced the “Solid Rock Road Group Facilitation Manual,” which provides a week-by-week process for facilitating groups based on the 10 Principles. Since then, several churches and organizations have adopted this Christian-based ministry in the United States and in Mexico.

The following are additional ways that The Solid Rock Road ministry can assist addicts, as well as the churches who are using this Bible-based system:

·         Provide an in-house method for serving Christians who struggle with addictions.
·         Initiate an outreach ministry to the unsaved and the backslidden.
·         Offer individual counseling based on the 10 Principles.
·         Support the loved ones of the addicted.
·         Complement existing recovery ministries such as Celebrate Recovery.
·         Empower the congregation to move forward in their walk with God.
·         Strengthen the Body of Christ, which in turn strengthens the church.
·         Train new believers to overcome.
·         Create servant hearts within the congregation.

Along with a system of recovery and discipleship, the directors of The Solid Rock Road provide training and ongoing support via Internet and Skype. If you are interested in finding out more, or if you have questions, contact Jerry and Jamee Pineda by email at or call 541-778-8680. You can also visit the website at

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