Saturday, June 20, 2015

Freedom from Addictions - Christian Recovery

So many people ask the question, “How does a Christian quit addictions?” The initial response is quick. We answer, “Through the transforming power of God.” But that answer doesn’t answer everything. In fact, it offers new questions. What is the transforming power of God? How does God’s power help with addictions? And how do I start the process of recovery from addictions?

When you are transformed by the power of God, you have been completely changed from the inside out. This kind of change can't happen through a natural process. It is supernatural. It requires God’s intervention. But it also requires that the addict surrender his life over to God.

Surrendering seems like such a big deal. “You mean you want me to surrender my entire life to God?” Yes, that’s what must be done if you want to be set free from your addictions. And besides, you have surrendered your entire life to Satan. Wouldn’t surrendering to God be wiser? The fact is, we are always surrendering to someone. We’re just not conscious of it.

Your surrender to God gives God the ability to use His power to set you free. But let’s get real. The problem is that often times addicts who say they want freedom from addictions don’t want that freedom more than they want their drug of choice.  They’re not happy with the consequences of their addiction, but they still love the drug more than anything else.  They still choose to get high over living the Christian life of sobriety. If you really want to have freedom from addictions, you can! 

So you may have to suffer from withdrawals, and you may have to resist temptation, but that’s why Jesus died on the cross for you. That’s what His Grace is all about. Grace is God’s enabling power! "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor. 12:9

So surrender means that you want freedom more than anything else. And it means that you will do what it takes to get clean and sober.  This is how you start the process. Of course, starting the process of Christian recovery is the first step.  The goal of very Christian in recovery is to stay on the path of God.

Our book “Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery” helps guide you from the process of surrender to the path, and to your destiny in God.

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