Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Overcoming Issues of Life

Christian Recovery

It’s Biblical to cry out to go God for help in times of need. In the book of Psalms, David wasn’t afraid to yell "Help"' or to reveal his true emotions. But David didn’t continue in his distress. Instead, he thanked God in advance for coming to his rescue and began to praise through his problems. David’s prayers and conversations with God were full of praise because his love and trust for God overpowered his fears.

If you want to be an overcomer like David, you will need to enter a deeper dimension of prayer, praise, and worship. Only then can you make the great exchange from fear to faith. Like David, you can enjoy a sense of impending blessing in the midst of a trial or disaster. You just have to remember that God’s intended end for you is always good, even when things look bad. And, you will have life-changing prophetic revelation in times of need, rather than fear the future as it appears to be unfolding.

As a Christian, God’s truth replaces our logic. We come to understand that two plus two doesn’t always equal four. With God things don’t have to always add up, they can multiply. If God wants, He can subtract or square things off. If God is God, He can stretch your income beyond mathematical laws. God can choose to give you back more than you allowed the devil to take, and He can give you blessings well beyond your highest expectations.

When you learn to praise and worship in your times of need or in the midst of a crisis, you will discover that it really is possible to have peace when there’s trouble brewing and negativity surrounding you. It’s possible to be content even though you don’t have what you want, or even what you think you need. Simply put, your peace and happiness don’t depend on what you get, but who you get to spend time with.

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