Thursday, April 14, 2016

Signs of Recovery from Addictions

The opposite of learning is blaming. I have said it many times before, but I don’t think I can say it too much. It’s true in a general sense, but when it comes to addictions, the issue of blame shifting is even more exaggerated. Ask an addict why they started and continue using drugs and/or alcohol, and their answer usually has to do with what someone did or said to them, or a circumstance they found themselves in, followed by excuse and excuse.

In The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery ministry, we have learned to identify patterns of behavior. The most obvious sign that a person is not ready to quit their drug of choice is that they blame shift incessantly and refuse to look at themselves in an honest way. Another bad sign is justification. They may admit they’re doing wrong, but then offer a long list of reasons why they continue doing it.

So what are the positive signs of recovery from addictions? The first is accountability – making yourself accountable to another person. The second is an act of true repentance. Since repentance is the process of making a complete u-turn, you will change your direction immediately. And the third sign is the willingness to look in the mirror, admit your mistakes and open yourself up to learning.

If you’re in the midst of your addiction, or you’re dealing with someone who is struggling, here are the top 3 questions to ask yourself or them.
  1. Will you own your own stuff? Will you take full responsibility for your current condition? Without looking at anyone else’s behavior, how did you end up where you are?'
  2. What is one thing will you do to change your current situation.  Words alone won’t do. What ACTION will you take today, and will you follow it up with more action?
  3. Will you tell the truth? Not some of it, but all of it. Will you tell someone how much you’re using, how you’re paying for it, how you lie and manipulate those you love, and any other acts of darkness that need to be in the light?

We understand that recovery from addiction can be difficult, so we suggest you begin reading the book of John in your Bible, and pray longer and with more conviction than ever before. Don’t just pray for yourself. Pray for those you have hurt, and pray for those who have hurt you. 

If you need additional support, you can call The Solid Rock Road at 541-778-8680. We also have a book titled “Follow The Solid Rock Road:Pathway to Radical Recovery, and resources on our Solid Rock Road website.

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