Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christian Recovery: Your Temptation and Your Testimony

You can't have a testimony if you haven't had a test that you have passed. The reality of relapse is that you continually have to retake the test of temptation. Therefore, if you're sick of taking the same test over and over, then you have to study and commit to passing that test once and for all.

Can you imagine taking the same spelling test for years and years? Wouldn't you be determined to pass it so you can move forward and get smarter? And wouldn't your teacher make sure you learned the words you've already been given before she gives you another set of words to spell? If your school teachers won't let you fake your way through, why would God?

The simplest way to understand your chronic relapse is to see that God wants you to resist temptation based on HIS strength and the grace he's given. God expects you to change your pattern so that you can get out of the cycle of addictions. If He hasn't delivered you out, then you're test is to resist, resist, resist.

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