Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Servant Heart in Christian Recovery

As a Christian, you’re called to a standard that extends beyond human nature. Ultimately, your love and service to others mirrors the condition of your heart. The goal as you walk along the Solid Rock Road is to soften your heart according to the Word of God, and in so doing, soften your heart toward the lost and to Christians and others in need of your help.

A hard heart cannot model Christ, nor can it serve without selfish intent. Therefore, Christians who practice the sin of addiction must get in the habit of serving others. Look around your church. There are single mothers and the elderly who could use your compassion and your practical assistance. During the holidays, offer to feed the homeless at a nearby shelter, or purchase presents anonymously for a family suffering from financial distress.

Make up your mind to do at least one good deed every day, and create a list of ways you can be of value to your family, friends and neighbors. When you think about other people and do random acts of service, you will think less about yourself and have less time to think about doing drugs and alcohol.

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