Friday, December 11, 2009

The Heart of God and the Mind of Christ in Christian Recovery

Whether you lack faith, don’t fully understand Christian principles, or are just being stubborn, your only hope in overcoming your addictions and living a blessed life is to completely surrender to God. You have to believe that the power of God and the blood of Jesus is enough to set you free forever.

God can’t be manipulated by your tears, fears, or false promises. And if you believe that your addiction is stronger than His love for you and His power to deliver you from drugs and alcohol, then your message to the world is that Christ’s suffering on the cross was meaningless to you.

At this point in your addiction, what you really need is supernatural heart surgery and a divine brain transplant. You need the mind of Christ and the heart of God – the purest form of recovery. You need to love others the way God loves you and you need to think like Jesus was sent to earth to be a servant.

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