Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who is Sitting on the Throne: You or God?

Whenever you depend on your own strength, God can’t give you His. When you admit you’re weak compared to God, He happily intervenes and everything falls into its proper place.

So why do we struggle with letting God be God? If it’s been proven that our lives work better when God is in control, why do we persist in doing things our own way? Why do count on our flawed minds when we have access to the mind of Christ? Why do we forget that God has the power and love we need to live a great life and be free from addictions?

We could all write out long lists filled with reasons we go in and out of our faith and submit to God intermittently. But the main problem is that many Christians are comfortable on the throne and refuse to get off.

God belongs on the throne. If you step down and put God in His rightful place, your life will be blessed.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christians in Relapse

Prov. 26:11 describes Christians in relapse. “As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.”

In your case, you can compare vomit with drugs and alcohol. Surely you know these substances sour in your system and poison your soul. Since your soul is made up of your mind, will and emotions, the poison controls the way you think, act and feel.

When you quit using drugs and alcohol, the poison leaves your system. Your soul is free to love God and the Holy Spirit is free to do His work. You are on the road to physical, mental, and spiritual recovery.

But the Bible points out that your pattern is to return to your drug of choice or the alcohol that poisoned your soul. When that happens, the Word of God says you are acting like a soul-less, amoral dog, not the Spirit-filled Christian you really are.

Relapse is preventable. You have to understand you are free once you have repented, and God's saving grace empowers you to resist temptation.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Freedom from Addictions Through Praise and Worship

Praise and worship is a lifestyle, not a warm-up session for a Sunday morning sermon.

When you learn to praise and worship in your times of need or in the midst of a crisis, you will discover that it really is possible to have peace when there’s trouble brewing and negativity surrounding you. It’s possible to be content even though you don’t have what you want, or even what you think you need. Simply put, your peace and happiness don’t depend on what you get, but who you get to spend time with.

Your problems don’t stop you from getting into God’s presence. Obsessing about them, and trying to solve them on your own, are what hold you back and make you miserable.

The challenge for today is this: Set aside a half hour. Play 2 or 3 Christian worship songs, then pray for 20 minutes. This is not a prayer in which you ask God for what you want. Instead, it is a prayer of gratitude for who He is and what He's done.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Obedience in Christian Recovery

When Jesus went to the cross, He modeled obedience and surrender. The night before He was to be arrested, Jesus sweat blood in the garden of Gethsemane because He had a negative human reaction to the concept of suffering. He knew what must be done, but He didn’t want to take on the sins of the world, or to be temporarily separated from God.

Ultimately, Jesus obeyed out of pure selflessness and submission to God.
Romans 5:19 states: “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous.”

This scripture proves two things. First, we are born with Adam’s sin nature. More importantly, through Jesus’ obedience we are offered a new way of life that empowers us to overcome our sin nature and be right with God. It also requires obedience.

Obedience in Christian recovery isn't an option. It's absolutely necessary to remain free from addictions forever.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sin of Addiction

You can trace your propensity for sin back to Adam and Eve who disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). Since they were the first people on earth, we are their descendants and inherited their sin nature. That all changed when we were redeemed and reborn into the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

From that point on, Christ lives in us through the Holy Spirit so we have a new nature that counteracts our natural tendencies -- if and when we let it.

No doubt the battle between good and evil rages on. Though we tend to see this battle outside of ourselves, it also takes place on the inside, including our minds, hearts, and souls.

Our original Adam nature lurks about and we often acknowledge and return to it. This is called backsliding. For addicts it's referred to as relapse. Therefore, to prevent relapse, you have to acknowledge the sin of addiction and repent.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christian Recovery Requires Conviction

If you never feel convicted for the sins you’ve committed, you will continue in them. This includes your sin of addiction.

There’s a major difference between conviction and condemnation. The Holy Spirit brings conviction, which will cause you to change. In fact, it will have you doing a complete moral u-turn. The devil promotes condemnation, which results in your feelings of guilt and shame, but has no power to help you change.

The grace message is one of the most beautiful truths in the Bible, but it is not the only truth. Yes, God forgives you of your sins when you repent, but there are many scriptures that describe a state of apostasy in which the hand of God is permanently removed from someone’s life. We’re not sure where God draws the line, we just know He does.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Value of Meditating on the Word of God in Recovery

What you think about, or what you obsess about, becomes your meditation. If you think about your drug of choice all day long, that's what you meditate on, and it's no wonder you can't stay sober. You have to retrain your brain to think godly thoughts. The Bible says you can do all things through Christ Jesus, so this isn't an impossible task.

Make up your mind to read the Bible, think about what it says, and pray to God. You may be doing one or two of these things, but you really need all three actions to stay fully connected to God, who is your source of life and energy.

This connection allows truth to penetrate your soul and your spirit to rise above your sin nature. When you disconnect from God, you are in human default mode. This means that you are being directed by your inner voice, which has gotten you into trouble your whole life.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gratitude in Christian Recovery

When you're in the midst of a battle, it's hard to see the good in your life. Still, your freedom depends on your connection with God and His Son Jesus Christ. In other words, no matter what your circumstances are, you are still a Christian.

Last night, my son said something that really touched my heart. He's been going through a major trial, and has admitted that he's been feeling disconnected from the heart of God. Finally, when it appeared that he was at the end of himself, he realized something. I would call it a revelation. He said, "I'm just grateful to be saved. That's enough for now."

It was a simple statement, but carried a powerful message. When it seems like we can't win the battle, or our life isn't going as planned, we can rely on salvation to give us hope and fill the empty places.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Heart of God and the Mind of Christ in Christian Recovery

Whether you lack faith, don’t fully understand Christian principles, or are just being stubborn, your only hope in overcoming your addictions and living a blessed life is to completely surrender to God. You have to believe that the power of God and the blood of Jesus is enough to set you free forever.

God can’t be manipulated by your tears, fears, or false promises. And if you believe that your addiction is stronger than His love for you and His power to deliver you from drugs and alcohol, then your message to the world is that Christ’s suffering on the cross was meaningless to you.

At this point in your addiction, what you really need is supernatural heart surgery and a divine brain transplant. You need the mind of Christ and the heart of God – the purest form of recovery. You need to love others the way God loves you and you need to think like Jesus was sent to earth to be a servant.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is it the Devil or is it You?

In our Christian recovery ministry, people talk a lot about how the devil is destroying their lives. And though we see the damage Satan does, we also see that Christians are often their own worst enemy.

The devil can tempt you -- and he will -- but ultimately, you make the choice to continue your sin of addiction. The Bible says that you are given the ability through Christ to resist all temptation. Therefore, your recovery depends on you making the right choice.

This sounds way too easy. In a way, it is. You complicate the matter by justifying behaviors, blaming others for your weakness, and living in the past.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Freedom Comes When God is First

God wants to take first place in your life and be the source of power for all things.
God is way more powerful than Satan. Unfortunately, you may see Satan as the one with all the power. But the reason you can't resist him is because you’re surrendered to him. If you transfer your obedience to God, you will be shocked and amazed by His power, love and grace.

This is your first step to overcoming addictions forever. Think about God more than you think about your drug of choice. If God is first, then He will be on your mind and His righteousness will become you.

You can see this as simplistic or you can see this as an amazing opportunity to be quickly transformed. I challenge you to soak yourself in the presence of God and be immersed in His Word for one month straight. Go to very church event and Bible study you can. Make dates with faithful people who will build you up spiritually. Get prayer every day and be in prayer every day. You will see the power of God, you will be able to resist the temptations and you will be free from your addictions.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christian Recovery: Put On the New You

Why would you want to live as your old self when you have a completely new identity in Christ? For Christians in recovery, the answer can be the difference between continual relapse and freedom for a lifetime.

The Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 4:22,23: "put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, 23 and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness."

Paul was talking to Christians -- reminding them of their identity as sons of the king. We have to kill the sin nature at the cross of Jesus so that new life can emerge. When we say goodbye to who we were, we welcome the new us. That is what Christian living is all about. We become a new person that looks more like Christ, and that is in a continual progression of spiritual growth.

If you're hanging on all or parts of your old self, you can't be renewed in the spirit of your mind. Ask God to show you what you must let go of so you can enjoy the gift of true righteousness and holiness.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christian Recovery and the Battle for Your Soul

If your soul is made up of your mind, will and emotions, then your soul directs the way you think, feel and act. So it's no wonder that God and the devil want to control your soul. God wants you to have the mind of Christ, to come under His will and to take all your thoughts captive into the obedience of Christ.

On the other hand, the devil wants you to be controlled by your sin nature. He wants you to think the old way, he wants you to protect your self-will and he wants you to be moved by your emotions. In other words, the devil likes it when you act on impulse and not on principle.

In the Solid Rock Road Christian recovery program, we teach you how to win the battle for your own soul. No one can do it for you, although there is an Army of God to support and assist you when you've made the choice to change. God doesn't possess your soul, although it would be great if He would. You must fight the spiritual battle so you can give your soul to God. That's how you win.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Solid Rock Road Leads to Jesus

It's really clear that addictions to drugs and alcohol are on the rise, even in Christian communities. As a result, more and more Christian programs focus on the addict and their issues. In the Solid Rock Road ministry, we believe that Christians must focus on the new creation reality -- not themselves.

The power of God and the blood of Jesus set us free from addictions. We just have to believe what the Bible says. The New Living Translation of 1 Corinthians 10:13 tells it like it is: "But remember that the temptations that come into your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will keep the temptation from becoming so strong that you can't stand up against it. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you will not give in to it."

If you believe the Word of God, then you can resist all temptation. In our book: Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery, we offer 10 Bible-based principles to get and stay free from addictions forever. It will be out in January 2010. Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter at

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christian Recovery Brings Total Freedom

Many people get sober and are better able to cope with life. But coping isn't thriving. Coping is attempting to overcome, which means that those who are just coping have yet to experience victory.

For Christians in recovery, the power of God, the blood of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit result in a life transformed. In the Solid Rock Road program, we call this radical recovery.

If you are a Christian battling addictions and continual bouts with relapse, you need to claim the freedom you were given as a gift when Jesus died on the cross. You must agree to suffer all the way to the cross, die to yourself and be renewed into the image of Christ.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prayers for Passion

If you're wondering why you aren't getting the results promised in the Bible, you may want to check your passion meter. Are you half-hearted in your Christian walk, or are you ready to do whatever God says?

Most Christians who tend to relapse are more passionate about the things of the world than they are about the things of God. If that's you, you might want to repent and empty yourself of your sinful nature so God can fill you with His Holy Spirit.

You need the fire of God to transform your life. I suggest you start with prayer. I'm not talking about empty prayers in which you beg God to make your life better. I'm talking about fervent, righteous prayers that the Bible says will "avail much."

I've co-written a book that can help you get back on the path and live a full Christian life. It's titled: Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery. It will be out in January. Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter at

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Freedom from Addiction is a Gift from God

You don't have to wonder if you'll ever be free from addictions, you already are. Jesus paid the price for freedom on the cross, and said "It is finished." If you understand the new creation reality, you know that you've won the battle for your own soul. But if you don't, then you will most likely continue to relapse.

Freedom is a gift from God. Will you receive it? Do you even believe it? So many Christians in recovery have discovered that everything they needed to live a lifetime of sobriety is found in the Bible. You can read about the strength of God, the transforming power of God, the deliverance of God, the protection of God, the promises of God and so on, but you must have faith that it is all true.

God is enough. You don't need a program or a group of people to depend on. You must simply become dependent on God.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christian Reocvery and the Power of God

In 12-step programs, you're told that your struggle is one day at a time. In Christian circles, the Bible tells you to pick up your cross daily. The Bible says you are a new creation "Behold, all things have become new." The Bible encourages believers to suffer with Christ, which means we have to pick up our cross every day and deal with our issues properly. As Christians, we're expected to suffer ALL THE WAY to the cross, not halfway, not most of the way -- all the way!

Christians in recovery must agree with the Bible, not a secular program where you depend on your self-will to make it one day at a time. In 2 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul says this: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness." WOW! That's awesome.

Acknowledge you're weak and allow the strength of God to do what you haven't been able to do. With the grace of God, you'll experience a lifetime of freedom from addictions.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Christian Recovery and the Word of God

If you're a Christian and continually relapse, you don't need a program, you need a better understanding of scripture, suffering and obedience. The Bible says you are more than a conqueror, you are a child of the living God, you are a winner and you have the mind of Christ. It also says that we are to pick up our cross daily and that Jesus must be our Lord.

You must believe that the Word of God is your answer to every problem, including your addiction. If you don't believe that, then you are in spiritual danger. If you trust the Word, then you will be willing to do whatever it takes to please the Master. He says to obey is better than sacrifice.

You may want to read a book that includes these concepts and gives more answers to the spiritual battle at hand. It's called Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery and its coming out in January 2010.

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Surrender and Realize Your Need for God

If you're a Christian in recovery, the most important thing you can do is surrender to God. You may think you've already done that just by getting saved, but if you continue to struggle with drugs and alcohol, then you really haven't.

When you surrender, you trade your will for God's will. This isn't a nonchalant act. In fact, if it doesn't hurt and it isn't hard, then it most likely won't last. Surrender means you give up, you let go, you say "yes" to every command in the Bible.

When you surrender and realize your need for God, you get the strength of God to fight and win the battle for your own soul. You renounce the works of the flesh and willingly kill your sill nature. In the process, Christ in you rises up and the grace of God empowers you to resist temptation.

Simply put, surrender gives you all the power you need to live a clean and sober life forever.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Claim to be a Christian, Not an Addict

According to the Bible, we're new creations in God. That means we're changed, we're different, we're made new. This is an amazing reality, but one that many Christians in recovery seem to forget.

You can't claim you are an addict for the rest of your life if you claim you are a Christian. You must see yourself as transformed, and you must believe that the power of God and the blood of Jesus is enough for you to resist all temptation. When you continually claim your addiction, you are empowering your old self to rise up.

Your old self is the problem. You must walk in your new creation reality so that you can live as a victorious, addiction-free Christian forever. This is what the Bible says, and this is what the blood of Jesus has done for you.

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The Christian Recovery Path of Sobriety

To stay sober, you must discover the path God has created, go down it and stay on it. There's safety on the path of righteousness, plus a lot of learning, growing and getting set apart from the world.

The Solid Rock Road ministry describes this path and warns of taking the so-called Yellow Brick Road to recovery where the end is filled with smoke and mirrors. The path of God directs you straight to the cross of Jesus Christ.

Along the path, the devil will tempt you into taking detours. These off-ramps appear to be safe and seem like a faster way to get where you're going. But, they send you in circles, which results in you entering another one of your cycles.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christian Recovery Requires Forgiveness

There's no doubt that as a Christian you understand that addiction is unacceptable. However, you often find yourself in a continual state of relapse. You get sober, your life gets better, you feel better, then you start to focus on the negative aspects of life, and you give in to temptation and relapse.

While there are many reasons for relapse, a major one is that you may have missed the important step of forgiving yourself and others. Forgiveness isn't an option. According to the Bible, we are all commanded to forgive. More importantly, if you want to be forgiven, you have to extend forgiveness.

Forgiveness starts with yourself. Many Christians in recovery feel shame and guilt. These emotions are not of God and will bring condemnation. Take yourself to the cross of Jesus Christ and allow yourself to feel the pain of your life. See the truth and admit what you've done so you can have true remorse and you can repent. Repentance is important because it causes you to do a complete moral u-turn.

Our book is coming out in January and includes a chapter on Forgiveness. The book is called Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery. For now, follow us on Twitter at

Monday, November 23, 2009

Freedom from Addictions God's Way

I have not always been a good girl. In fact, I've been very bad. But knowing this about myself doesn't make me feel condemned, it makes me grateful to be who I am today.

Gratitude is the reason I co-wrote the book "Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery." It's a way to show my appreciation to God for giving me back the life He originally intended. I don't live in the past, but I acknowledge it so I won't forget the pain, the confusion and the hopelessness I felt in my addiction.

I love being clean and sober. And I love that the Bible provided the truth that set me free, and answers every question I ask about life.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christian Recovery: Your Temptation and Your Testimony

You can't have a testimony if you haven't had a test that you have passed. The reality of relapse is that you continually have to retake the test of temptation. Therefore, if you're sick of taking the same test over and over, then you have to study and commit to passing that test once and for all.

Can you imagine taking the same spelling test for years and years? Wouldn't you be determined to pass it so you can move forward and get smarter? And wouldn't your teacher make sure you learned the words you've already been given before she gives you another set of words to spell? If your school teachers won't let you fake your way through, why would God?

The simplest way to understand your chronic relapse is to see that God wants you to resist temptation based on HIS strength and the grace he's given. God expects you to change your pattern so that you can get out of the cycle of addictions. If He hasn't delivered you out, then you're test is to resist, resist, resist.

In the Solid Rock Road ministry, we teach you how to resist. Follow us on Twitter at, and look for our book "Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God's Grace is Sufficient for Christians in Recovery

Many Christians who battle with addictions believe that grace means that God is quick to forgive. While God forgives when we repent, it's vital to understand the true work of grace in our lives.

There is a saving grace and an empowering grace that follows. It's the grace of God that enables Christians to get set free. Grace is the way of escape. Think of the acronym that many people use for the word grace: God's Riches at Christ's Expense.

If we have God's riches, then what could we possibly be missing? If God delivers, then we have deliverance. If he heals broken hearts, we're healed. The only thing that's missing is a complete understanding of what Christ accomplished at the cross.

Christian recovery really depends on Christians living in grace as defined in the Bible.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Radical Recovery Requires Radical Change

A book I've co-written called Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery describes the battle of addictions and provides 10 Bible-based principles to fight and win. The book is due out in December, but for now, it's important to understand that Christian recovery is different from worldly recovery methods and techniques.

We have the amazing grace of God that not only saves, but enables Christians to resist all temptation. We have the blood of Jesus that cleanses, and the Holy Spirit as our counselor and guide. We have God who is all knowing, all powering and everywhere present. What more do we need? Nothing.

We don't need years of therapy, nor do Christians in recovery need to claim they are addicts for the rest of their life. Instead, they can claim they are new creations and free from addictions, starting right now.

Radical recovery happens when Christians take hold of all that God offers and puts His principles into practice. Radical recovery is simply acknowledging that God is enough. It's turning your life into an overcomer's legacy and allowing God to change our hearts and our minds.

I urge every Christian who struggles with addictions to enter into the radical Christian lifestyle.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christians in Recovery Must MakeJesus their Lord

Christians who battle with addictions are often asked to look for the root of the problem. Some will say that life has taken its toll, while others blame Adam and Eve or point their fingers at evil spirits. However, if the blood of Jesus has saved you and the Bible is there to instruct you, you have to look deeper to find the real root.

For most Christians in recovery, the root is self-will. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if Jesus is your Lord, as well as your Savior. If he's your Lord, you'll serve and obey Him. If not, you'll live as if you are the ruler of your own world.

The word 'obey' is a tricky one. It means doing something you don't want to do. In order to serve, you have to quit being selfish. Now do you see the problem?

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keys to Christian Recovery

Satan infiltrates. God waits.

Many Christians in addiction are waiting for God to do something miraculous when God is waiting for a relationship. When God doesn't posses them or prevent them from abusing drugs and alcohol, they start to believe that Satan has more power. They complain that God doesn't care and that the temptation is too great. They can't resist because God hasn't rescued them.

Satan infiltrates the minds of addicts. He has access because of the sin of addiction. So it makes sense that Christians who battle with addictions will think like the devil. But even in the midst of addiction, God has created ways to escape.

Christians have access to the Holy Spirit, which is Christ living in us. Those in addiction must agree to kill their sin nature and access the Holy Spirit to receive the mind of Christ. God wants relationship, then submission and obedience. He wants it His way, and He'll wait until you're ready to do it.

God's Presence in Christian Recovery

Your problems don’t stop you from getting into God’s presence. Obsessing about them, and trying to solve them on your own, are what hold you back and make you miserable. Many Christians in addiction use drugs and alcohol to dull the pain of their mistakes, or to forget the issues of their life. But addiction increases misery and further separates you from the One who has the help you need.

Misery has a mind of its own if you let it persist, but it's what you've come to know and accept in your life. Your addiction promotes your misery, and vice versa. It’s a vicious cycle that you have to break if you really want to live a clean and sober Christian life.

If getting to God isn't easy, you must persist in seeking Him! God's presence is where you'll find peace in the middle of chaos, and where you'll find your way of escape. Insist on meeting God. Start with putting on Christian worship music, then praise Him and pray to Him. Don't leave until He shows up.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Radical Recovery from Addictions for Christians

The radical lifestyle of addicts never ceases to amaze me, even though I've done my share of partying and admit to being equally outrageous. If you battle with addictions and are a Christian, you would win if you lived as radical a Christian lifestyle as when you were in the height of your addiction.

Your addiction to drugs and alcohol occupied your mind and dictated your actions. Everything in your life evolved around getting your drug of choice and consuming it. You went to bed high and you woke up wanting to be high again. You tended to your addiction at all moments, sometimes ignoring your work, family, friends and children in the process.

If you switched your pre-occupation to serving God and others, you would never relapse again. You would establish a legacy of sobriety and move into your destiny. I've co-authored a book titled "Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery" which provides 10 Bible-based principles that takes readers on an experiential journey of discovery. It will be out in December.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Army of God in Christian Recovery

Statistics prove that the battle of addictions is heating up. With the number of addicts on the rise and new drugs emerging, the world is faced with devastating affects on families and in communities.

The church is in the same kind of trouble. The devil will stop at nothing to kill, steal and destroy and he's using the weak-minded to infiltrate the Christian world with more and more addiction issues. Therefore the Army of God must stop at nothing to annihilate the plans of the enemy. We've got to take radical action to eliminate the sin of addiction.

The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery system provides training for Christian soldiers. A book written by Jamee Rae Pineda and Sherry Colby offers 10 Bible-based principles that take readers on a spiritual journey of discovery and freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Follow the Solid Rock Road Twitter to find out more about the system and to learn when and where the book will be available.

Resist the Temptation to Use Drugs and Alcohol

Most people who battle with addictions say they can't resist the temptation to use drugs and alcohol. This may be true for some individuals, but this should never be said by Christians. The Bible refutes that statement in 1 Corinthians 10:13 when the Apostle Paul writes, "No temptation (or trial) has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted (or tried) beyond what you are able, but with the temptation (or trial) will provide the way of escape also, that you may be able to endure it."

That's an amazing scripture and one that Christian addicts should get in their hearts. If you are a believer, then you know that all scripture is by inspiration of God. Therefore, He is speaking directly to addicts in 1 Corinthians 10:13. He says He has made a way of escape. That means you CAN resist because God is faithful to give you a way out.

The question is, are you faithful? Do you have faith that God is enough?

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christians Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

Christians addicted to drugs and alcohol attend churches all over the world. Many are in ministry, keeping their addiction a secret, but knowing in their hearts they have crossed the line from user to abuser. Obviously, not every person addicted to drugs and alcohol is homeless or lives under the bridge. They are your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow church members.

It doesn't matter if a person is a church-going addict or a backslidden addict. Both are in sin and must first admit they can't control their drinking and can't stop doing drugs. To get free, they must first be truthful, then live in the truth, which is the Word of God. Christians in addiction don't need to find a new program, they already have the Bible. Truly the power of God will deliver when Christians surrender and commit to being obedient children of God.

The Solid Rock Road ministry provides 10 Bible-base Principles that will transform the lives of Christians addicted to drugs and alcohol. You can find us on twitter at

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Servant Heart in Christian Recovery

As a Christian, you’re called to a standard that extends beyond human nature. Ultimately, your love and service to others mirrors the condition of your heart. The goal as you walk along the Solid Rock Road is to soften your heart according to the Word of God, and in so doing, soften your heart toward the lost and to Christians and others in need of your help.

A hard heart cannot model Christ, nor can it serve without selfish intent. Therefore, Christians who practice the sin of addiction must get in the habit of serving others. Look around your church. There are single mothers and the elderly who could use your compassion and your practical assistance. During the holidays, offer to feed the homeless at a nearby shelter, or purchase presents anonymously for a family suffering from financial distress.

Make up your mind to do at least one good deed every day, and create a list of ways you can be of value to your family, friends and neighbors. When you think about other people and do random acts of service, you will think less about yourself and have less time to think about doing drugs and alcohol.

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The Sword of the Spirit in Christian Recovery

Temptation is no excuse to give into addictions. Every Christian is tempted with something, but we're all expected to resist using the Bible as our resource. Even Jesus was tempted by the devil during his 40 days in the desert. And since Jesus is our model and we're to have the mind of Christ, all we need to do is follow his lead when temptation strikes.

In Matthew 4:4,7 and 10, Jesus’ response to the devil’s temptations started with “It is written.” This should be your response when tempted to use drugs or alcohol. Ephesians 6:17 refers to the Word of God as the Sword of the Spirit. In other words, your greatest offensive weapon in the spiritual battle of addictions is scripture. If you learn to wield the Sword, you can kick the devil's butt and win the battle for your soul.

Get in the habit of reading your Bible every morning. Start your day empowered by the Word of God. Don't leave home without your Bible so it's easily accessible if you're suddenly hit with temptation. And memorize victory scriptures so that you are fully armed at all times. Remember, Jesus died on the cross so you could be free. When he said, "It is finished," he meant it. You are victorious.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christian Recovery and the Spiritual Battle

Christians understand that a spiritual battle exists. There really is a fight between good and evil in the unseen world -- the devil and his demons versus God and his angels. In the middle of this battle is mankind, choosing sides and often becoming passionate about what they believe.

Those who call on the name of Jesus have pledged themselves as soldiers in the Army of God. They have chosen to fight for good, and have agreed to separate from the ways of the world. Romans 12:2 gives Christians good advice. "
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

In the Solid Rock Road Christian recovery program, we are passionate about using the spiritual weapons of warfare to fight the battle, and to have the mind of Christ in all things. We believe that Christians battling addictions have everything they need to overcome temptation and to live a clean and sober life.

Christian Recovery and the New Creation Reality

The secular recovery community believes that once an addict, always an addict. But this is not true for Christians who understand they are transformed into the likeness of Christ. Many scriptures support this concept, but especially 2 Corinthians 5:17 which states, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."

Christians who struggle with addictions must accept this new creation reality for themselves. With a recovery ministry called the Solid Rock Road, we teach participants 10 Bible-based principles that give them the information and spiritual weapons they need to fight and win the battle for their souls once and for all.