Thursday, October 15, 2015

Betrayal by Christians in Addiction

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When I think of betrayal in a Biblical sense, Judas comes to mind. I have never understood how a disciple of Jesus could betray the Messiah. Judas was one of the chosen ones. He had continual access to the Son of God and first-hand knowledge of the teachings of Jesus. And he was part of a covenant relationship – a brotherhood – with the 11 other disciples. That’s why the betrayal of Judas against Jesus is a mystery to me and everyone else who reads the story. But so is the betrayal of many Christians in addiction who plot against their own families, friends and communities for their personal gain.

The reason betrayal is so painful is because by definition it is a “deliberate act of disloyalty.” In other words, betrayal doesn’t happen by accident. Betrayal requires plotting and planning. And there is no doubt that the life of a drug addict is all about scheming. Sadly, the first victims are the people closest to the addict, usually the loved ones. The addict, like Judas, goes behind the back of those who are the most loyal to them. They create lies, manipulations and methods in order to steal from others so they can feed their addiction. They do it deliberately and at the expense of the ones they are kissing on the cheek.

Betrayal by addicts becomes a lifestyle and the result is a long line of people they hurt. This includes Christians in addiction who have become experts at playing the grace and mercy game. These addicts know how to work on the faithful and how to ‘manage’ those closest to them, especially those who are prone to guilt.

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