Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Reality of Fake Drug Tests

Over-the-counter drug tests are reasonably accurate, but the trouble with drug testing in general is that addicts are getting really good at faking them. The reason is that they're given plenty of help by companies out there who create fake urine and mechanical devices used to deceive the drug testers. And of course, addicts can search the Internet to find out what other addicts have done to successfully beat the system.

Most importantly, addicts are counting on the fact that no one wants to stare at the private parts of another person. This "distance" factor makes it easy to use fake urine and fake drug testing devices.

For people unaware, fake drug testing enables an addict to continue with their lying and scheming ways. Since every addict lies in order to continue getting high, this isn't that big a stretch -- although it is rather surprising how far an addict will take their deceptive practices.

For families who discover that a loved one is not only using drugs but has been developing systems of deception in order to pass drug tests, it's double the betrayal.

In the Solid Rock Road recovery ministry, we have been fooled, but not for too long. If there is an air of suspicion around someone who we're testing on a regular basis, the team will go along with it for a time, but then we use the element of surprise. Get them to take the test when they least expect it. If they refuse a test, it's the same as the test coming up dirty.

For anyone suspecting their loved one of faking drug tests, do what the addict does. Search the Internet for all the systems, products and devices addicts use to deceive the drug testers. Be smart and be wise to all the possible tricks out there so you will know what to look for.

The best way to bust a drug test faker is to have their spouse, significant other or parent perform the test close up. This may seem radical, and even embarrassing, but it works. Finally, send the urine sample to a laboratory that will do a pre-test on substances ingested that will have an effect on the drug test. You can also get a hair sample or blood test.

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