Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Best Way to Get Clean and Sober: Christian Recovery

The best way to get clean and sober is to commit to doing whatever it takes to get set free. Sometimes this requires that you white knuckle your way to sobriety. This is how I did it. I knew that God was with me and I drew on His strength, but I admit that it wasn’t easy. However, I was absolutely dedicated to changing my life and I would have done anything necessary to stop the insanity of addiction. I battled and won!

Sometimes God will deliver you from your addictions. This is what happened to my husband Jerry. Once he made the commitment to God that he would quit using drugs and alcohol, he never again craved it, nor did he have any withdrawal symptoms. One day he was using and the next day he was over it.

I have observed that most addicts cry out to God for deliverance, hoping that there is no suffering. But I believe getting clean and sober is different for everyone because there are lessons that each addict must learn on their way to sobriety. And by the way, there is a common denominator for remaining clean and sober! That is, service to God and others. You must go from being a taker to a giver. You must spend your time considering the needs of others before thinking about your own.

Jesus advocated and practiced self-denial, which is the true essence of love. In the midst of rejection and persecution, Jesus served, proving that love prevails in any circumstance.

How often do you deny your personal needs for the sake of others? How much of yourself do you willingly give? These are good questions to ask yourself, especially if you are in the midst of your addiction.

Addiction is selfish. It’s all about serving the desires of your mind and body, no matter the cost to others. If you’re addicted, you will spend money you don’t have, you will disappoint those you love, and you will take risks that you shouldn’t take.

Today, look outside of yourself for a moment. Take your mind off your cravings long enough to see the world around you. Do your children need your attention and your love? Is your spouse suffering? Do your friends need your support?

If you can see past your addictions, then reach out to someone who can help you get sober. Make the commitment and do whatever it takes to resist temptation. Call on God to help and He will help you, but don’t expect Him to do it your way. Accept that God is in control, and be willing to learn whatever lesson He has planned on your way to sobriety. This is how radical transformation takes place.

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