Friday, September 24, 2010

How to Work with Christian Co-Dependents

After years of working in the addictions ministry, it’s become evident that it’s not just substance abusers needing recovery help. The loved ones of the addicts are in desperate need of their own kind of freedom. They are locked in a battle that they can’t seem to win and often become entangled in unhealthy habits that promote the cycle of insanity.

The secular treatment world refers to these loved ones as co-dependants. Like the addicts, the Christian co-dependents can’t stop their negative behaviors. They aren’t driven to drink or use, but instead are driven to “save” their loved ones. Co-dependents will go to any length to find the addicts the help they need. In many cases, the addicts haven’t even asked for the help, nor do they really want it.

Christian co-dependents continually offer spiritual advice to the addict they love. They quote scripture, pray incessantly, buy books for them, find recovery programs and create all kinds of schemes and tactics to get their loved one to stop abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Co-dependants work their tails off while the addicts enjoy a good high.

In The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery program in Oregon, we often do interventions with those who are co-dependent. Our number one rule is that the person must be ready to end the cycle of insanity. If so, we lead them into a surrender process with God, followed by a series of steps that result in an intervention with the addict.

The Solid Rock Road team offers an outsider’s perspective with the added benefit of having the grace of God in the situation. Our ultimate goal is freedom for all!

If you have a loved one that is addicted, you can visit The Solid Rock Road website at, or visit us on Twitter and Facebook. You are also welcome to call 541-778-8680.


  1. Jamee ... thanks for some straight encouragement. Sometimes it is so confusing & especially to understand "co-dependancy" (sic) intentional - as it is a "dance" of sorts. I really do not fully comprehend being co-dependent..... but, I do understand PTSD... and when I learned that these "nerve patterns" never go extinct & can be revived... well, that changed a lot of ways for me and our family.

    Courage, & faith!.... yes our Lord can quiet & heal those nerve patterns, if not make sure they reach dead ends!Thank you for the work you do in Him!
    Love in our Lord,
    His Sonshine

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. There's a fine line between having faith, being co-dependent and having PTSD. I pray for you and your family. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. 541-778-8680 or email