Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forward to Follow The Solid Rock Road

Wow! Isn’t this book timely! As a seminal approach in a world needing drug and alcohol solutions, this could just be that book.
Jamee Rae Pineda and Sherry Colby have written a groundbreaking book with Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery, which addresses a deep philosophical split in drug and alcohol treatment.
While most addiction treatments keep people on a perpetual path of coping, Jamee and Sherry open the door to freedom in God and set people on the path to achieve it. Initially, this path doesn’t seem to differ much from existing recovery systems, but it ultimately results in irreconcilable differences. 
Follow The Solid Rock Road teaches that one finds freedom through the teachings of Jesus Christ, His atonement, and having an honest walk with God. The 10 Principles of The Solid Rock Road describe how one can identify their addiction, address their addiction, and subsequently be delivered from it.
This work is not bogged down with stodgy or clinical verbiage but is interspersed with anecdotal evidence that illustrates how these principles work.  The personal stories from the lives of Jamee and Sherry are transparent and refreshing. Thank you for this level of honesty. It is quite helpful in showing that the 10 Bible-based Principles are more than untested theories, but instead have been applied and proven.
The book is sprinkled with life application exercises and hard-hitting questions. When completed, these will bring a person to self awareness and true change.  This is a valuable handbook for life transformation.
Another important aspect of this book is that it can be used individually or in group settings. The final great feature is that the authors offer personal help and interaction for those involved in this process – the addicted, loved ones of the addicted, ministry leaders, and pastors.
As stated in this book, why walk The Yellow Brick Road when we can get on The Solid Rock Road?
-- By Pastor Steve Schmelzer

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