Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Holy Spirit in Christian Recovery

Christians who struggle with addictions often say it’s impossible to resist temptation. Recently, I talked with a young mother who confessed that the urge to use meth was stronger than the need to save her daughter from the hands of Children’s Services. While I appreciated such brutal honesty, her words broke my heart and vexed my spirit. With more than 10 years in our Christian recovery ministry, I see how Satan has succeeded in his bid to steal, kill and destroy families through addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Addicts lose their heart for their children and go to extremes for their obsessions – using and burning everyone in their path of destruction and falling into serious criminal activity. That’s why the foster care system in America is overcrowded. Sadly, many children who become wards of the court are rescued out of Christian homes that have become dark, scary places. This has not happened by chance. It’s a strategy or one of the “wiles” Satan has used to tear families apart and to mark Christian homes as his own.

Many would say that Christians in addiction have been taken captive, but my observation is that most have chosen sides – either willfully or inadvertently. 

Self-will is the devil’s secret weapon. Christians who refuse to die to themselves will live in their flesh. When operating in the flesh, they connect with the lies and schemes of the devil. Therefore, it’s essential that Christians surrender to the will of God and enact the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. This is how all Christians choose God’s side! 

Christ lives in God’s people through the Holy Spirit. But we have to engage the Holy Spirit for its power to work in our lives. When we do, God prevails and freedom is truly at hand! 

The first Principle of The Solid Rock Road is surrender. If you need to die to yourself, visit our website for resources and our book “Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery” at You can also follow our Christian recovery program in Oregon on Twitter and Facebook.


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